Hello 🙂

I’m a radio journalist and audio producer based in Warsaw, Poland. I got my first job in radio in 2006  as a regional correspondent in Kraków for the English Service of Radio Polonia, which after a year or two transmogrified into Polish Radio External Service. I’ve managed editorial at both Polish Radio and Culture.pl, and briefly worked in communications and strategy in Brussels for Friends of Europe. I also teach radio journalism at Vistula University in Warsaw.

At the moment I’m producing soundwalks for Culture.pl, and released the first series of Unseen at the beginning of 2019. It has since been listened to thousands of times on the Echoes geolocative audio platform. You can check it out here (best on mobile). At the end of 2019 Unseen received an honorary mention during Sound Walk September, a global audio initiative.

In late 2019 I became the first in-house podcast editor to ever be hired by the Polish Press Agency. I devised, wrote, and managed the launch of The Debrief weekly podcast. It’s me talking to writers about the interesting background stories published on The First News, an online English service run by the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Want to know more about locative audio production? Interested in creative audio? Do you have a project you need help on? That’s great!

Free Range Productions is an independent audio storytelling company founded by three passionate radio producers based in Warsaw. We are one of Poland’s first fully independent audio documentary and storytelling companies.

Apart from broadcasting, I also do some voiceover work. You can hear me everywhere in Warsaw (my deepest sympathies) and I’m available for commercial or corporate V/O projects.

This is the sound of my voice over a PA system in an original Metrovagonmash metropolitan railway car running on the M1 metro line in Warsaw in 2018.